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What’s so great about Shih Tzu’s

What’s so great about Shih Tzu’s

Shih Tzu’s, one of the most popular toy dog breeds, might be small in size, but their personalities are huge. Just like humans, each dog is different when it comes to their personality and temperament. However, there are a few common personality traits that most Shih Tzu’s tend to have. As a rule of thumb, most Shih Tzu’s are proud, happy, and fairly sweet-natured. They also tend to be a lot less demanding and yappy than other breeds of toy dog.

 What’s great about Shih Tzu’s?

Shih Tzu, meaning ‘little lion’ are one of the best all-rounder breeds. Because of their small size, they can live comfortably in any sized home. They tend to get along well with other pets, from other dogs to bunny rabbits. (They’re not a gun dog breed, so there’s no need to worry about them chasing other pets.) They’re family-friendly and are suitable for children of all ages. On the contrary, they also make great companions for singletons and older people. They tend to be well behaved and easy to train, apart from when it comes to toilet training. Like many toy dog breeds, Shih Tzu’s don’t always take well to house training.

Why aren’t they as yappy as other breeds?

As mentioned above, unlike most other toy breeds Shih Tzu’s aren’t as yappy, but why? It’s all down to genetics, like most personality traits. The Shih Tzu wasn’t bred to be a watchdog, which means that they’re a less yappy breed. Or at least, they tend to be less yappy. Of course, they may still go mad for the postman but what dog doesn’t? That being said, it’s important to remember that all dogs are individual. While some Shih Tzu’s won’t bar, others will.

 Do Shih Tzu’s like to play?

 There’s nothing Shih Tzu’s love more than to play. Whether they’re at home in the garden or out on a walk, they could play all day. Despite their small size, they are bundles of energy and could run about for hours without getting tired. They love playing with people, other dogs, toys, and water. They might be small but most Shih Tzu’s love splashing about.

Are they sociable?

As mentioned above, Shih Tzu’s are great with other pets and kids; that’s because they’re a friendly breed. They love being around people. Whether they’re getting a belly rub or a ball thrown for them, they love attention. Because of how happy Shih Tzu’s are to meet new people, they’re a fantastic breed to adopt. Unlike many other breeds, they won’t wallow and miss their old owner. As long as they’re getting love, they’ll be happy.

How intelligent are they?

Believe it or not, Shih Tzu’s tend to be quite smart. They’re fast learners and retain skills well. This is what makes them such good agility dogs. Admittedly, they aren’t always quick when it comes to training, but once they’ve got it, they’ve got it. The more attention and training you give them, the ‘smarter’ Shih Tzu’s tend to become. This is because they are owner focused and are willing to work for love by performing commands.

As a rule of thumb, Shih Tzu’s tend to be friendly, happy, playful dogs, that are ideal for families of all ages.

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